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INKOMPASS is a unique 2-cycle global internship program for students at Philip Morris International (PMI) which enables you to DISCOVER yourself through challenges and cultural diversity. You will be given the opportunity to:

  • Work on REAL BUSINESS PROJECTS that will help you develop portable skills
  • Receive personalized feedback and COACHING

Here at PMI we take our internship programme seriously, considering our opportunity to identify our future leaders. INKOMPASS provides you with a paid international internship opportunity for you to work in our business, learn our culture and values and experience our diversity. If you enjoy your experience (and we're pretty sure you will), and meet all criteria during the internship, you may receive a job offer with PMI even before you graduate!


We look for candidates who are:

  • Fluent in English
  • University students graduating in 2020 / 2021
  • We're open to all students who are looking for Summer internships in 2019, and we're particularly interested in individuals studying mathematics, economics, sciences, geography and politics
  • You will need to have the right to work in the UK


The application steps of the paid internship program are following:

  1. Complete the online application by clicking APPLY NOW. If you meet the criteria, you will be invited to the next step.
  2. Complete two online tests:
    • A Numerical Test will assess your ability to manage and analyze data
    • A Situational Judgment Test (SJT), also called Intern Talent Screener (INKOMPASS Only) Test, will assess your decision-making abilities on a wide variety of simulated scenarios
    If you meet the criteria, you will be invited to the second stage video interview, which takes around 20 minutes
  3. Participate in an on-ground assessment (OGA), the final stage of the recruitment process. During the OGA, we will meet face-to-face and get to learn more about each other. You will have a chance to showcase your skills in business cases and team activities, network with other applicants, and meet current Philip Morris International employees. Our OGA will be at the start of April.

Learn more about application timelines.


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