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Discover yourself with INKOMPASS Discover yourself with INKOMPASS

Discover yourself with INKOMPASS

INKOMPASS is a global internship program by Philip Morris International that enables you to discover yourself by working in a creative, dynamic, and culturally diverse environment. When you intern with us through our paid internship in Ukraine, you will be given an opportunity to:

  • Work on real business projects through our internships in Ukraine for students
  • Get mentored by industry experts
  • Transform your CV while partnering with PMI in delivering a smoke-free future

Who can apply? We are looking for students who are

  • Students of 3rd-6th year of study or recent (2023) graduates
  • With Upper-Intermediate (B2) level of English
  • Willing to grow and Shape the Future together at PMI

We're looking for interns in Finance, Sales & Distribution, Marketing, Commercial, External Affairs, IT and Operations.

Disclaimer : For Ukrainian citizens localized in Ukraine only


How to apply? Applying for the paid internship in Ukraine at INKOMPASS is a very simple process and takes only a few minutes. All you have to do is fill out the application for the internship program.

  • Application

    Go to the “Explore Opportunities” page and select your country of internship. Visit your country page and check the internships available. Review the details and apply for the opportunity you want.

  • Evaluation

    If you meet the criteria, you’ll be invited for a digital interview which will evaluate your communication, team building and problem-solving skills. Clear the interview to take an online assessment to evaluate your analytical skills.

  • In-person Assessment Day

    If you were successful with step 2 you will get invited to an in-person assessment day, where you will participate in team activities, one on one interviews with PMI experts, and engage with other fellow candidates!

  • Internship Offer

    Selected candidates will receive an internship offer from us. At the end of one of your chosen internship programs in Ukraine, you will receive a certification for INKOMPASS Program Completion.

Key dates and deadlines for recruitment

Below are the important dates and milestones that you should consider for the INKOMPASS recruitment process while applying for the internship in Ukraine. Keep a watch on your emails for updates regarding your application status during your recruitment journey with us.

Dates Activity
March 11th 2024 Applications open
May 8th 2024 Applications Closed
TBD Applications Review (Evaluation and Invitation for Virtual On-Ground Assessment Center)
TBD Virtual On-Ground Assessment
TBD INKOMPASS start date

Projects we are accepting applications for

As part of Regulatory Affairs one of the core elements is Scientific engagement, that means delivering best scientific evidence to date to key stakeholders to boost understanding of data behind our Smoke- free products. We believe that our future intern will be enrolled in campaigns that cover preparation, execution and advocacy of scientific data to key stakeholders.

Development and support of digital solutions for smoke-free products in Ukraine, incl. IQOS website, B2C & B2B Bot platforms (in Viber, Telegram, Messenger), CRM and online chat for IQOS Call Center, integrations with direct & indirect retail partners, third-party e-coms (like Rozetka, Allo) etc.

IT Commercial team works with systems that our colleagues use to fulfill their duties connected to commercial activities (e.g. POSM installation). We work closely with different contractors to develop and support these systems.

Joining our СС Marketing department you will discover all of the angles of product and commercial marketing from how work to effective portfolio to competitive pricing up to deployment capabilities in place for direct B2C channels.

CC Digital department is focused on informing the consumers about our cigarette products through digital means. We develop new ideas for E-com, Telegram, ScanPack (the QRs our consumers can see on our packs that lead to our Telegram bot) and control the existing online platforms to ensure the interest in our products and digitalization of the interaction of our products with the consumer.

Operations department on our Factory in Lviv oversees the manufacturing of all our products in Ukraine. A big team that consists of a big number of fixers and also office workers. We offer an internship in the office team where you’ll be involved into all the processes of our Factory, daily communication with manufacturing teams, analysis and improvement of working processes and so on. Only on-site job, no remote allowed.

Our IC&P department is a jack-of-all-trades as it has a huge scope of streams: distributor relations, key accounts* management, the coordination of regional work in regard to marketing activations and trade- marketing initiatives. We are in search of a talented mind to join our key accounts management stream. You’ll be involved in analysis of marketing initiatives and their results, communication with our key accounts, controlling the trade-marketing commitments of our partners and many more. *Key Accounts – most important partners.

The CCB department deals with personnel learning and development in Philip Morris Ukraine. We create and adapt global learning materials with attention to detail and our goal is to make internal education for our colleagues as accessible and easy as possible.

A department from Finance function of our company that deals with processing payment and all supporting documentation on hand and in VCHASNO system. We seek attentive to detail candidates who are not afraid of processing big amounts of data and documents and who are also good at communication as the job will involve a lot of it.

The mission of PMU's Treasury team is to manage the liquidity of our business. In order to accomplish this mission, our Treasury is closely monitoring all current and projected cash inflows and outflows to ensure that there is sufficient cash to fund company operations, as well as to ensure that excess cash is properly invested.

EHS department is in charge for occupational health and safety, environmental protection and fire safety at factory. As we are just starting new factory, intern will be able to learn and take an active part in risk assessment process, implementation of Open+ tools (Safety Trigger, QRP, Safety Map, Job Safety Analysis etc.) - this will provide an opportunity to understand how the occupational safety system works, meeting not only the requirements of Ukrainian legislation, but also international best practices. They also could be involved in ecology related activities (such as environmental aspects management) and fire safety.

Business Planning role is to provide in depth analysis of major market challenges and insights, plan PMU profitable presence in relevant segments, forecast short and long term performance results, utilize Company's expertise in ensuring sustainable business growth. BDP Intern will have a unique opportunity to develop analytical skills - providing market performance assessment, identifying key trends and patterns, developing in depth P&L understanding and taking part in Company's projects - making real impact on results and our future growth.

Introducing INKOMPASS assessment

Face to face interactions are integral to any recruitment process. We do them at INKOMPASS as well, however, with a bit of a twist to ensure that we get to know you in a fun and engaging manner. Once you pass through all our online assessment tests, you’d be invited to attend the on-ground or a virtual assessment. To know more about the virtual assessment check out the video below.

assessment assessment WATCH VIDEO

VOGA 2022 Transcript

Hello and welcome to the virtual online assessment event for INKOMPASS.
Congratulations for making up to this far in your INKOMPASS internship selection journey.
This online assessment is the last step of your INKOMPASS selection process and we are here to tell you everything that you need to know about it.
So, what should you expect out of the INKOMPASS virtual online assessment event?
You will get to meet our employees from Philip Morris International.
You will also get an opportunity to meet our Ex-INKOMPASS interns who are now with us as full-time employees, at the same time you will also get to participate in fun assessment activities that will help us get to know you and your potential better.
In the accompanying emailer you will find the date and time of the virtual online assessment event and the entire event will be hosted on Microsoft teams.
Unfamiliar with Microsoft teams?
Don't worry we are here to help you with everything.
So, What do you need to attend the virtual event?
A high speed internet connection, a laptop or a desktop device it can be either a windows or a mac device.
Make sure the microphone and camera of your device is fully functional as we'll need to see you and hear you throughout the event.
Please ensure that the latest version of Microsoft teams application is installed on your laptop or desktop device.
You can find the download link of the latest version on Microsoft teams website.
A notepad and a pen, a power backup for your internet connection, laptop or desktop devices to have an uninterrupted participation.
Having all these in place and prepared will ensure you have a seamless experience throughout the event.
We'll be having four different activities during the event.
The first activity will be a meet and greet session where you will be meeting Philip Morris International employees, ex-INKOMPASS interns and other participating candidates and will be briefed about the agenda of the day.
The next activity will be a series of speed interviews with different assessors where we will get insights about you and your potential.
The next activity will be a business case challenge where you will be asked to solve a real business problem with your team members.
The last activity of the day will be a reflection session with PMI employees and ex-INKOMPASS interns where we will take your feedback and answer all the queries that you may have at the end of the day. You will be receiving an email from us accompanying your personalized agenda within 24 to 48 hours prior to the virtual assessment online event.
Please ensure that you have latest version of Microsoft teams installed on your desktop or laptop and you have tested it to check if it is working fine for you, this is critical.
Let's look at how to go about downloading Microsoft teams in your laptop or desktop device and how to activate it.
Go to the official Microsoft teams website.
If you're using MacBook you will see this screen after clicking the previous link.
If you are using windows machine you will see this screen after clicking the previous link.
As next step, click on download teams button.
Once you click on download teams button a window will pop up and you can download the software file.
Once the download is complete you can run the saved file and once you finish all the steps for installation MS team will be installed in your system.
You don't need to login into Microsoft teams as for this you need to have a working outlook email address.
Your personalized agenda will have the respective links to join various sessions.
You just need to click on them, enter your name and simply join the activity.
Let's look at how your personalized agenda will look like and how to join different activities using it.
In the emailer that you will receive, go to access your schedules section and click to access your agenda.
Your agenda will be in a pdf format which will have the following information.
Make sure you take note of your candidate code, assessor code and all the instructions given.
Your agenda will also have the following information: what is the session about, who will you be meeting in the session, start time of the session, end time of the session, duration of the session, Microsoft teams link to join the session.
Once you click on join now button you will be taken to Microsoft teams website in your browser. Using the session using Microsoft teams App.
This is important that you join using Microsoft teams app to ensure you have all the functionalities active for you.
Once you go to the app you need to enter your first name and click on join now button.
Make sure before you click the join now button you have turned on your mic and camera.
Don't forget to say hello when you see us.
Last but not the least, some guidelines which will ensure you have a great experience at the event.
Please ensure that you're carefully reading all the communication in the form of emailers from your end regarding the event.
Your desktop or laptop devices are in working condition, the mic and the camera on your devices is working as we'll need to see and hear you, you have a high speed internet connection and a power backup to be able to attend the Q&A session and the virtual online assessment event without any interruption.
Please ensure you have the latest version of the Microsoft team software installed on your machines whether windows or mac, test the functionality once with your friends and family to ensure everything is working fine with the app.
In case of any queries or questions or concerns please write to us in the email address given in this emailer and we'll get back to you at the soonest.
We'll also create a group on a popular messenger platform in your country such as WhatsApp or line messenger to keep in touch with you and quick troubleshooting before and during the event.
In case of any disability please inform us in advance by writing to us in the email address given in this emailer and the kind of support that you may need.
We'll try our best to make it happen.
In case you have any queries we are organizing a Q&A session for you.
The details of the session can be found in the emailer sent to you.
We are organizing this session on Microsoft teams so that you can get the first-hand experience of the platform with us and get to know each other.
That's all for now.
We look forward to seeing you at the INKOMPASS virtual online assessment event.
Till then stay safe, stay healthy.
See you soon.