Korea internship program
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Got questions about INKOMPASS? We're here to answer them all.

A From 2020, INKOMPASS international internship program offers a 1-cycle / 8 weeks approach.

You will work on projects that will allow you to discover our business challenges, opportunities, processes and systems.

You will be agile enough to discover several aspects of our company (i.e. operations, people and culture) through projects that allow you to interact with people from different areas while diving into a specific department or functional area.

A Yes, we welcome applications from outside of Korea. However, all candidates who pass the final selection should work physically in Korea during internship period. All costs involved in travel, etc. will be borne by candidate. Accomodation during the internship will be provided.

A The application steps are the following:

1. Complete the online application by clicking APPLY NOW. If you meet the criteria, you will be invited to the next step.

2. Complete the online test that will assess your:

- Analytical Skills / Problem Solving Ability / Ability to draw logical conclusion and tackle problems based on facts

- Customer Centricity/ Innovation that Matters / Personal Growth Mindset and Communication

3. Participate in a Virtual assessment, the final stage of the recruitment process. During the Virtual Assessment, we will meet virtually and get to learn more about each other. You will have a chance to showcase your skills in business cases and team activities, network with other applicants, and meet current Philip Morris International employees. If you are successful, we may invite you to be an INKOMPASS intern!

A To become an INKOMPASS Intern, you must attend Virtual Assessment as a part of the selection process. Unfortunately no alternative dates will be available. Korea's Virtual Assessment dates will be one day between October 12 to 14.

A Yes. You will be informed of your application progress during each step of the process by your registered email. Whether or not you meet the criteria to progress on to the next application step, you will receive an email confirmation regarding your status. If you do not hear back from us within 2-3 weeks of completing an application step, please contact us at contact@inkompass.global.

A INKOMPASS 2020 will start Octobert 26, 2020, and will last for 8 weeks. Unless there are inevitable business circumstances, these dates are not flexible.

A Normal work hours are from Monday through Friday, from 9:00AM to 6:00PM. We have flexible working hours, and once you start working in your respective functions, you will be able to change your work hours accordingly.

A Yes, the INKOMPASS internship offers a paid internship. All INKOMPASS interns will be working under and employment contract with Philip Morris Korea Inc.

A The projects that we assign to our INKOMPASS interns will be carefully selected by our team. Depending on the scope and the expected deliverables of these projects, we always make sure that all of our projects meet high quality standards and that they are meaningful and challenging for our interns.

Interns are never alone during their INKOMPASS experience. They receive support, coaching and feedback from their Coaches and Buddies.

A Every INKOMPASS intern will receive day-to-day guidance and support from their COACH, who has the same function as a supervisor. He / she will introduce you to your project, clarify expectations, guide you on a day-to-day basis, and provide you with feedback.

In addition, you will also receive support from:

- Your PROJECT SPONSOR, who will ensure you have everything you need in terms of resources and budget to execute your proposals

- Your BUDDY, who will help you answer general questions and network with different people and departments in the company.

A Your COACH and PROJECT SPONSOR will provide you with feedback throughout your INKOMPASS experience.

We also highly value your insights, feedback, and ideas, so please share them with us as well!

A You may use internship project experience as a university assignment for credit as long as our global internship program internship program meets the requirements defined by your academic institution.

A If you successfully complete the programs of the INKOMPASS internship and meet the required performance standards, you may receive a job offer at the completion of your internship.