Sumayata Sahu’s Story

CC Portfolio Intern

What made you join INKOMPASS?

Honestly, the PMI team at the campus was very happy and welcoming to all curious students. This approach really attracted me, and I felt the company's culture would be just as welcoming. This encouraged me to apply for the position, and after going through various rounds and meeting the team at the assessment centre, I decided that I wanted to be part of this culture.

What do you think about Phillip Morris's smoke-free vision?

This was one of the motivating factors for me to intern at Phillip Morris International affiliate. They are one of the leaders in transforming the industry towards a smoke-free future, a daring and commendable decision. This vision is not only innovative but also courageous.

What key things did you discover about yourself during your internship at PMI?

I had my feedback session with my coach, and he mentioned that I quickly picked up things and was very involved with the team. Interns at PMI aren't just doing generic office tasks; we're fully embedded in the team. This has helped me grow personally and professionally, enhancing my confidence and leadership skills.

How was your experience of working in a multinational, international environment?

Having worked in organizations and startups before, the difference in a multinational company is vast. The dynamic environment, with its global and regional teams and cross-functional workings, was one of the best aspects.

What three skills did you pick up during your internship?

The three skills are being outspoken, detail-oriented, and confident in presenting ideas. PMI provided an opportunity to learn from mistakes, and my team was always open to trying out my ideas, which boosted my confidence.

Do you have any feedback for the internship program?

From my perspective, there aren't any loopholes in the program. It has been an incredible journey, providing support at every step and preparing us for the corporate world. It's an excellent career-building program.

Would you be interested to continue your journey with PMI as a full-time employee, and why?

Definitely yes. The number one reason is the company's culture. The environment at PMI is learning-friendly, and mistakes are seen as growth opportunities. I would love to continue the journey.

What advice would you give to applicants?

Be yourself. PMI encourages learning from mistakes, which is an amazing opportunity. Just be your original self and do what you're good at. There's no judgment here, so you'll be fine just by being yourself.

Describe your internship experience in three words.

Nurturing, encouraging, and fun.

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