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Discover yourself with INKOMPASS Discover yourself with INKOMPASS

Discover yourself with INKOMPASS

INKOMPASS is a global internship program by Philip Morris International that enables you to discover yourself by working in a creative, dynamic, and culturally diverse environment. This is why INKOMPASS is not just an internship program. It's your journey of self-discovery. Develop life-long skills, explore your passions and discover some new ones too! When you intern with us, you will be given an opportunity to:

  • Work on real business projects
  • Get mentored by industry experts
  • Transform your CV while partnering with PMI in delivering a smoke-free future

Join our Commercial Operations, Marketing, Digital, IT, External Affairs, Finance or People & Culture team in Belgrade


IT Operations, Manufacturing, Quality Assurance, Customs or Operations Planning team in Nis.

Please only apply to 1 location (Belgrade or Nis).

You can choose up to 3 business functions.


Who can apply?

  • Students at final year of BA or at MA studies OR
  • Fresh graduates who gained BA or MA degree during this calendar year (if between primary and master’s studies there was no interruption for more than one year)
  • Currently studying/recently gained degree from: Economics, Organizational Sciences, Law, IT, HR, Mechanical or Electronic Engineering, Quality (Chemistry/Biology) or similar
  • Fluent in English language
  • Interested to gain new experiences with real work challenges.


How to apply? Applying for INKOMPASS is a very simple process and takes only a few minutes. All you have to do is fill out the application for the internship program.

  • Application

    Go to the “Explore Opportunities” page and select your country of internship. Visit your country page and check the internships available. Review the details and apply for the opportunity you want.

  • Evaluation

    If you meet the criteria, you’ll be invited for a digital interview which will evaluate your communication, team building and problem-solving skills. Clear the interview to take an online assessment to evaluate your analytical skills.

  • In-person Assessment Day

    If you were successful with step 2 you will get invited to an in-person assessment day, where you will participate in team activities, one on one interviews with PMI experts, and engage with other fellow candidates!

  • Internship Offer

    Selected candidates will receive an internship offer from us. At the end of the program, you will receive a certification for INKOMPASS Program Completion.

Key dates and deadlines for recruitment

Below are the important dates and milestones that you should consider for the INKOMPASS recruitment process while applying for the program. Keep a watch on your emails for updates regarding your application status during your recruitment journey with us.

Dates Activity
December 05th, 2022 - January 5th, 2023 Applications closed
January 5th, 2023 Online tests competition date
Mid-February, 2023 Virtual assessment
March 1st, 2023 - March 1st, 2024 (Duration may vary) Internship Period

Projects we are accepting applications for

Do you see yourself working in Commercial?

By joining the Key Account & Indirect Retail team you will get the opportunity to participate in tasks related to planning and analytics, sales plans, customer performance reviews and commercial strategies.

As a Cycle Planning Intern, you will participate in sales cycle planning activities to understand deployment structure and necessary steps in the planning process. You will have a chance to contribute to overall brand visibility by taking part in visual materials deployment and sales cycle implementation tracking.

Available in Belgrade

As a part of Portfolio and Consumer Value team, you will actively support portfolio planning efforts and commercialization initiatives by contributing with fresh ideas to marketing plans.

If you decide to join Marketing Communications team, you will participate in the preparation of Marketing campaigns and collaboration with different stakeholders (creative agencies and internal stakeholders). You will take a role in the development of communication plans, campaigns, and product launches.

Available in Belgrade

Would you like to start your career working with business, IT experts, vendors and using different systems? If so, join our Digital Solutions team! You will participate in creating something new for CRM and introducing digital wallets as a payment method throughout different channels.

If your field of interest lies within digital acquisition and eCommerce, you should join our Digital Acquisition team! You will work on projects related to website content creation, eCommerce shops, campaigns, and paid media initiatives.

Available in Belgrade

As an IT Intern you will have an opportunity to see first-hand how tech elements have a direct impact on the business processes within the industry. You will collaborate with IT Project Manager and Analysts to implement the Integration Service for Southeast Europe cluster. The purpose is to connect different providers and services with core CRM solution and fully automate the order processing.

Available in Belgrade

As an External Affairs Intern, you will have a chance to either work with key economic data insights and analysis or with legal analysis of regulatory framework. Through these projects you will get familiar with fiscal, customs, business development, illicit trade, or work on regulatory and legislative strategic priorities of the department.

Available in Belgrade

In the Finance Controlling team, you will join a highly professional finance team and support activities such as: financial planning and analysis, cost controlling, accounting review and implementation of new processes.

As a Business Development & Planning Intern you will work on improvements through modern technologies and participate in tasks related to strategic planning, budgeting, and cycle reporting.

As a Finance & Business Planning Intern you will have a chance to support the Commercial organization & Finance team with business & financial analysis providing insights into product profitability, volumes, cost per channel and return on investment.

Join our Business Services team and gain an understanding of multinational company practices, car fleet & real estate management and finance processes and standards. You will work on a new model and implementation of tools for tracking costs for our cluster and central functions.

Available in Belgrade

Would you like to know more about talent acquisition and employer branding processes within a multinational company? If so, join our People & Culture team and you will gain insights into recruitment, selection, candidate experience and attraction campaigns.

Available in Belgrade

As an IT Operations Intern, you will see first-hand how tech elements have a direct impact on factory production! You will learn about operations systems portfolio, web-based technologies, and systems and processes in a factory environment. You will work on the implementation of web-based module and digital tools for Factory Application System.

Available in Nis

In the Manufacturing department, you will learn about different methodologies and continuous improvement in the production environment. You will have the opportunity to work on some of the manufacturing projects related to the setting of the new standards and processes in production, development and automatization of reporting processes, factory logistic initiatives, usage of renewable energy sources and maintenance strategy and activities.

Available in Nis

If you are interested in learning more about quality assurance this is the perfect time to join our team! You will gain understanding of material management processes, data preparation, analysis and reporting while supporting improvement projects.

Available in Nis

If you join our Customs team, you will learn about transportation organization, coordination, and project planning while working with advanced digital solutions. You will participate in tasks related to purchase order monitoring and collaborate with different stakeholders.

Available in Nis

Do you see yourself in Operations Planning? By joining this team, you will work along with our production teams on tasks related to brand allocation, frequency monitoring and action planning. You will gain understanding of how large systems operate in a global environment.

Available in Nis

Introducing INKOMPASS assessment

Face to face interactions are integral to any recruitment process. We do them at INKOMPASS as well, however, with a bit of a twist to ensure that we get to know you in a fun and engaging manner. Once you pass through all our online assessment tests, you’d be invited to attend the on-ground or a virtual assessment. To know more about the virtual assessment check out the video below.

assessment assessment WATCH VIDEO

VOGA 2022 Transcript

Hello and welcome to the virtual online assessment event for INKOMPASS.
Congratulations for making up to this far in your INKOMPASS internship selection journey.
This online assessment is the last step of your INKOMPASS selection process and we are here to tell you everything that you need to know about it.
So, what should you expect out of the INKOMPASS virtual online assessment event?
You will get to meet our employees from Philip Morris International.
You will also get an opportunity to meet our Ex-INKOMPASS interns who are now with us as full-time employees, at the same time you will also get to participate in fun assessment activities that will help us get to know you and your potential better.
In the accompanying emailer you will find the date and time of the virtual online assessment event and the entire event will be hosted on Microsoft teams.
Unfamiliar with Microsoft teams?
Don't worry we are here to help you with everything.
So, What do you need to attend the virtual event?
A high speed internet connection, a laptop or a desktop device it can be either a windows or a mac device.
Make sure the microphone and camera of your device is fully functional as we'll need to see you and hear you throughout the event.
Please ensure that the latest version of Microsoft teams application is installed on your laptop or desktop device.
You can find the download link of the latest version on Microsoft teams website.
A notepad and a pen, a power backup for your internet connection, laptop or desktop devices to have an uninterrupted participation.
Having all these in place and prepared will ensure you have a seamless experience throughout the event.
We'll be having four different activities during the event.
The first activity will be a meet and greet session where you will be meeting Philip Morris International employees, ex-INKOMPASS interns and other participating candidates and will be briefed about the agenda of the day.
The next activity will be a series of speed interviews with different assessors where we will get insights about you and your potential.
The next activity will be a business case challenge where you will be asked to solve a real business problem with your team members.
The last activity of the day will be a reflection session with PMI employees and ex-INKOMPASS interns where we will take your feedback and answer all the queries that you may have at the end of the day. You will be receiving an email from us accompanying your personalized agenda within 24 to 48 hours prior to the virtual assessment online event.
Please ensure that you have latest version of Microsoft teams installed on your desktop or laptop and you have tested it to check if it is working fine for you, this is critical.
Let's look at how to go about downloading Microsoft teams in your laptop or desktop device and how to activate it.
Go to the official Microsoft teams website.
If you're using MacBook you will see this screen after clicking the previous link.
If you are using windows machine you will see this screen after clicking the previous link.
As next step, click on download teams button.
Once you click on download teams button a window will pop up and you can download the software file.
Once the download is complete you can run the saved file and once you finish all the steps for installation MS team will be installed in your system.
You don't need to login into Microsoft teams as for this you need to have a working outlook email address.
Your personalized agenda will have the respective links to join various sessions.
You just need to click on them, enter your name and simply join the activity.
Let's look at how your personalized agenda will look like and how to join different activities using it.
In the emailer that you will receive, go to access your schedules section and click to access your agenda.
Your agenda will be in a pdf format which will have the following information.
Make sure you take note of your candidate code, assessor code and all the instructions given.
Your agenda will also have the following information: what is the session about, who will you be meeting in the session, start time of the session, end time of the session, duration of the session, Microsoft teams link to join the session.
Once you click on join now button you will be taken to Microsoft teams website in your browser. Using the session using Microsoft teams App.
This is important that you join using Microsoft teams app to ensure you have all the functionalities active for you.
Once you go to the app you need to enter your first name and click on join now button.
Make sure before you click the join now button you have turned on your mic and camera.
Don't forget to say hello when you see us.
Last but not the least, some guidelines which will ensure you have a great experience at the event.
Please ensure that you're carefully reading all the communication in the form of emailers from your end regarding the event.
Your desktop or laptop devices are in working condition, the mic and the camera on your devices is working as we'll need to see and hear you, you have a high speed internet connection and a power backup to be able to attend the Q&A session and the virtual online assessment event without any interruption.
Please ensure you have the latest version of the Microsoft team software installed on your machines whether windows or mac, test the functionality once with your friends and family to ensure everything is working fine with the app.
In case of any queries or questions or concerns please write to us in the email address given in this emailer and we'll get back to you at the soonest.
We'll also create a group on a popular messenger platform in your country such as WhatsApp or line messenger to keep in touch with you and quick troubleshooting before and during the event.
In case of any disability please inform us in advance by writing to us in the email address given in this emailer and the kind of support that you may need.
We'll try our best to make it happen.
In case you have any queries we are organizing a Q&A session for you.
The details of the session can be found in the emailer sent to you.
We are organizing this session on Microsoft teams so that you can get the first-hand experience of the platform with us and get to know each other.
That's all for now.
We look forward to seeing you at the INKOMPASS virtual online assessment event.
Till then stay safe, stay healthy.
See you soon.