Reshma Kurian’s Story

Marketing & Digital (CX) Intern

Was there a specific moment or incident that made your internship experience unique?

Absolutely. I had always been passionate about marketing, and my college experience prepared me well for it. However, the internship in customer experience showed me there was much more to learn and develop. I became eager for more opportunities like that to enhance my skills.

What skills from this program did you think would be useful in your university studies or future jobs?

The most significant skills I developed were in presentation and data analysis. Learning to effectively present ideas and understanding market trends were invaluable skills that I knew would benefit me in the future.

Would you be interested to continue your journey with PMI as a full-time employee, and why?

I would love to continue my journey with PMI as a full-time employee. The diverse opportunities for growth across different departments were appealing. There was so much to learn, and if given the chance, I would have even extended my time there.

What advice would you have given to those considering this program?

Don't hesitate to apply. The internship was a fantastic opportunity to learn, be inspired, and grow. The diverse range of experiences and people there ensured that everyone gained something valuable.

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