Mohammed Tayib’s Story

IT Intern

During your internship, what key things did you discover about yourself?

I learned that I am definitely detail-oriented. It wasn't until I started my internship with PMI and received feedback from my coach that I realized my attention to detail.

Did you find your project meaningful, and why?

Yes, I found my project meaningful. Being able to suggest creative solutions is something I particularly enjoy.

How was your learning experience at PMI?

Honestly, it was wonderful. I learned the importance of collaboration, as PMI required working with different functions and departments.

Who was your coach, and how did they help you improve during your internship? Would you like to give them a message?

My coach was Beverly, and she helped me immensely. She mentored me throughout the internship and encouraged me to ask questions anytime. So, Beverly, thank you so much for everything.

What advice would you give to students considering the INKOMPASS program?

My advice is to embrace whatever role they offer you. The work environment here is top-notch, and I believe it's a valuable experience that shouldn't be missed.

How would you summarize your INKOMPASS internship experience in three words?

Collaborative, innovative, and opportunistic.

Would you be interested to continue your journey with PMI as a full-time employee, and why?

Yes, I would definitely like to continue my journey with PMI as a full-time employee. The diverse, friendly, and open work environment is a significant draw for me.

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