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A HireVue video interview is a digital interview that allows you to introduce yourself and your capabilities to us. HireVue enables you to complete your interview in your own time from the comfort of your own space. During the interview, we will be asking you a few questions on the competencies that you will have to demonstrate to become a successful intern at Philip Morris International.

A In case of any technical issues with the application or connectivity please address your questions here: HireVue (
The help desk will answer your questions.

A If you are not satisfied with your answer, you have the option to re-record it. If you choose that option, remember your second recording will be final and you will have to submit it.

A Once your interview is completed, the system will translate your recording into text by analysing your response. We do not consider other factors such as facial features but the scoring is solely done on things you say.

A Complete the online application by clicking APPLY NOW. If you meet the criteria, you will be invited to the next step.

Complete a digital interview. This step will give us the opportunity to learn more about you beyond what is written on your CV.

If you are successful, you will be invited to take our online assessment test. This test will assess your decision-making abilities on a wide variety of simulated scenarios. If you meet the criteria, you will be invited to the next step.

Participate in the Assessment Day in our Manufactuing Facilities, the final stage of the recruitment process where you will get to meet several experienced PMI professionals, get to learn more the culture and our transformation. During the Assessment Day activities you will have a chance to showcase your skills in business cases and team challenges, network with other applicants, and even have some fun with an on-site tour inside our manufacturing site and participate in open-spaces activities to chat with some of our leaders that are excited to share their stories with you. If you meet the criteria, we may invite you to be an INKOMPASS intern!

A As the On-Site Assessment Day is an integral part of our process, unfortunately we will be unable to consider applicants unable to attend.

A Yes. You will be informed of your application progress during each step of the process by your registered email. Whether or not you meet the criteria to progress on to the next application step, you will receive an email confirmation regarding your status. If you do not hear back from us within 2-3 weeks of completing an application step, please contact us at

A The internship starts in September and will last 12-18 months.

A It varies according to the role, area and project that you will be working on. Within Manufacturing meeting hours may vary between 8am and 6pm. At PMI we work under a flexible working scheme allowing us to plan our days and every now and then it may be required to attend the office outside business hours as the plant works 24-hours-per-day.

A We offer a competitive salary for internship programs, plus we offer flexible working hours. You will get to work in an open space office and virtually which will allow you to learn and interact with the key players of our business on a daily basis.

A Every INKOMPASS intern will receive day-to-day guidance and support from their COACH, who has the same function as a supervisor. He / she will introduce you to your project, clarify expectations, guide you on a day-to-day basis, and provide you with feedback.

In addition, you will also receive support from:

- Your PROJECT SPONSOR, who will ensure you have everything you need in terms of resources and budget to execute your proposals;
- Your BUDDY, who will help you answer general questions and network with different people and departments in the company.

A Your COACH and PROJECT SPONSOR will provide you with feedback throughout your INKOMPASS experience.

We also highly value your insights, feedback, and ideas, so please share them with us as well!

A If you successfully complete the 12-18 months rotational program of the INKOMPASS internship and meet the required performance standards, we would be excited to extend you an offer to continue accelerating your career with PMI.