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Got questions about INKOMPASS? We're here to answer them all

A The main purpose of this college student internship is to contribute to your journey of self-discovery. This is why it is structured in 2 cycles:

The 1st one will give you the opportunity to discover the different aspects of our company (operations, people and culture) through projects that will require you to interact with people from different functions/departments.

If you are invited to join and continue with the 2nd cycle, the focus is to give you the opportunity to experience a deep dive into a specific department or functional area. You will achieve this by working on a Business Project that will allow you to discover this particular function’s challenges, opportunities, processes and systems.

All in all, the 2nd cycle approach gives us a better chance to get to know you while you learn more about PMI and the different aspects of the business here. Eventually, this will help you decide if a career in PMI is what you are looking for.

A We believe that by participating in both cycles of the program, you will have a more rounded internship experience. It will not only help you discover yourself, but also have the opportunity to receive a job offer prior to your graduation and/or acquire portable skills that will provide you with solid credentials.

However, we understand that this internship is an opportunity of mutual discovery: We discover the best fitting interns to invite for the next cycle and a potential job placement with us. YOU get to discover us as a company and at the same time experience great self-development opportunities. We strive to ensure you have a great 1st cycle experience so that you eagerly look forward to making the cut to the group that gets selected for the 2nd cycle.

A Staying in touch with you throughout your internship journey is very important to us. You will hear from us between the 2 cycles of your internship, through:

1. Invitations to company activities and events

2. Communication from your COACH and BUDDY

A We welcome applications from both inside and outside of the country. If you are a non-resident of Israel, it is important that you hold a work permit as per the local legislation.

A As a first step, submit your application by clicking on the “APPLY NOW” tab – located at the upper-right corner of this webpage.

If your application form meets our criteria, we will send you an invitation to complete two online tests – one that will assess your ability to manage numerical data and another one that will require you to make decisions on a wide variety of simulated scenarios.

If you clear our online assessment you get invited to participate in an exciting on-ground assessment day, consisting of different activities and fun exercises that you will go through individually and as a team with other fellow applicants.

We end with an appreciation party, a celebration of your efforts and a great networking opportunity. Fun is a constant through this experience!

You will receive feedback along the process, letting you know whether you made it to the next step or not.

To learn about the specific recruitment dates and timings, please check the "SCHEDULES & TIMELINES" tab.

A Participating in the On-ground Assessment Day is a requirement for the recruitment process. Not only that, it´s an opportunity for all of the candidates to challenge their limits and discover themselves while interacting with a wide group of people - other applicants and PMI employees. Our On-ground Assessment will take place during February 2017 in Tel-Aviv. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide additional dates, however we will inform you well in advance if you are eligible hoping that this will allow you to plan your activities and join us!

A You will receive feedback along the process letting you know whether you made it to the next step or not. To learn about our recruitment process dates and timings, please check the "SCHEDULES & TIMELINES" tab.

A For the semester interns the 1st Internship cycle of the program will start on March 2017, and most of the projects will last until end of September 2017. After the successful completion of the 1stCycle you may be invited to the 2nd Cycle of the program that will begin in November 2017 and will last until April 2018.

The internship dates are linked to the project you will be assigned thus there is some flexibility in the duration.

A Working hours are flexible depending on your availability and project needs. The minimum requirement for the project is 40 hours per month. On average the requirement for semester internship is 85 hours per month.

A INKOMPASS is one of the best college student internships. Our select interns will receive a competitive payment during each internship cycle and benefits such as lunch and transportation allowance. Further details will be provided at the time of the offer.

A The projects that we assign to our INKOMPASS interns are carefully selected by our teams in each country. Depending on the scope and the expected deliverables of these projects, we decide if it is best that they are carried out individually or by a project team. In any case, we always make sure that all of our projects meet high quality standards and that they are meaningful and challenging for our interns.

Interns are never alone during their INKOMPASS experience. They receive support, coaching and feedback from their Coaches, Project Sponsors and Buddies.

A Definitely yes! On your INKOMPASS journey, there will be three important people appointed whose main focus will be to ensure you have a great learning experience that allows you to discover yourself.

You will be assigned a COACH, typically a Functional Manager, who will introduce you to your project, explain what is expected of you, guide you and provide you feedback as well as help you build connections and relationships with different people and departments from the company.

The PROJECT SPONSOR is the owner of the project you will be working on. During your internship, he/she will make sure you have everything you need to be able to deliver and/or execute your proposals. Along with your coach, he/she will also provide you with regular feedback.

Last but not least, you will also receive support from your BUDDY who will help you with day-to-day questions and provide you advice regarding your project work based on his/her own knowledge and experience.

A As soon as you join us for your INKOMPASS internship, your Coach will introduce you to your project. This project will have a definite scope and deliverables based on which you will be assessed. At Philip Morris International we believe that WHAT you are able to achieve and deliver is important, but HOW you do it as well. This is why you will also be assessed on the behaviors you display along your internship which should be aligned with our company’s work ethics.

The final assessment will take place at the end of each internship cycle, however you will receive feedback throughout the experience so that you are able to understand what is expected of you. We will also give you guidance on how to achieve it.

A Your Coach and Project Sponsor will provide you with feedback throughout your INKOMPASS experience. It is important for us to make sure you have a fulfilling learning experience, so we also want to learn from YOU! Your insights, feedback and ideas are very valuable to us, therefore we are looking forward to hearing from you!

A INKOMPASS is a journey of mutual discovery. You get the chance to discover yourself, the Company and your interest to join us. We may also provide the best fitting interns with a job offer.
We do this by conducting an individual assessment at end of each internship cycle – based on your project deliverables and the behaviors you displayed throughout the internship – if you meet the required performance standards, you may receive a job offer on the last day of your 2nd cycle internship.