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Got questions about INKOMPASS? We're here to answer them all

A INKOMPASS is a paid international internship that offers a 2-cycle approach because it is an experiential job interview, giving you a better chance to showcase your skills and abilities and giving us a better chance to get to know you.

Across the two cycles, you will work on projects that will allow you to discover our business challenges, opportunities, processes and systems.

The 1st cycle will give you the opportunity to discover several aspects of our company (i.e. operations, people and culture) through projects that allow you to interact with people from different areas.

The 2nd cycle will give you the opportunity to experience a deep dive into a specific department or functional area.

A We strive to ensure you have a great 1st cycle experience so that you eagerly look forward to get selected for the 2nd cycle.

However, in case you do not want to continue, there is no obligation for you to do so.

A You can apply for this internship program for international students if you have a Visa / Working Permit for Germany

A Our application form is very simple and fast to complete. Please also note that we review applications on a rolling basis - so we encourage you to apply and complete the tests as early as possible!

As a first step, submit your application including a CV and your motivation letter by clicking on the “Apply Now” tab – located at the upper-right corner of this webpage.

If your application form meets our eligibility criteria, we will send you an invitation to complete two online tests – that will assess your ability to draw logical conclusion and solve problems based on facts.

If you meet our criteria, you will be invited to participate in an exciting on-ground assessment day, consisting of different activities and fun exercises that you will go through individually and as a team with other fellow applicants.

You will receive feedback along the process, letting you know whether you made it to the next step or not.

To learn about the specific recruitment dates and timings for Germany, please check the "SCHEDULES & TIMELINES" tab.

A We have planned several dates for our Assessments starting from August 2020 so there are many options. However, please note we are reviewing and assessing applications on a rolling basis - so we encourage you to apply and complete the tests as early as possible!

A Yes. You will be informed of your application progress during each step of the process by your registered email. Whether or not you meet the criteria to progress on to the next application step, you will receive an email confirmation regarding your status. If you do not hear back from us within 2-3 weeks of completing an application step, please contact us at

A The internship will last in consultation with the department and depending on your availability 3-6 months each cycle.

A 40 hrs per week

A Yes, we pay the German minimum wage 1520 € per month

A Individual projects are a fixed part of each assignment. Additionally you will also have the opportunity to work on a cross functional project.

A Every INKOMPASS intern will receive day-to-day guidance and support from their COACH, who has the same function as a supervisor. He / she will introduce you to your project, clarify expectations, guide you on a day-to-day basis, and provide you with feedback.

In addition, you will also receive support from:

- Your PROJECT SPONSOR, who will ensure you have everything you need in terms of resources and budget to execute your proposals;
- Your BUDDY, who will help you answer general questions and network with different people and departments in the company.

A During the 1st cycle of this college internship program, you will complete a project with a definite scope and deliverables, based on which you will be assessed. We believe that both WHAT you achieve / deliver and HOW you do so is important. This is why you will also be assessed on the behaviors you display which should be aligned with our company’s work ethics.

Throughout the experience you will receive feedback and guidance so that you understand what is expected of you. The final assessment will take place at the end of each internship cycle.

A Your COACH and PROJECT SPONSOR will provide you with feedback throughout your INKOMPASS experience.

We also highly value your insights, feedback, and ideas, so please share them with us as well!

A Yes

A If you successfully complete both cycles of the INKOMPASS internship and meet the required performance standards, you may receive a job offer at the completion of your 2nd cycle.